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Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) 

Tosa Pediatrics office safety precautions (up to date as of 11.14.20)

Coronavirus Testing at Tosa Pediatrics:

Testing at our office is by appointment only during our normal clinic hours, Monday-Friday 9-5 and Saturday 8-10. Tests can be scheduled as a nurse only/swab only visit or with one of our medical providers. Our test is a PCR test that requires both a nasopharyngeal (back of the nose) and oropharyngeal (back of throat) swab.

Testing forms below can be completed and printed prior to your visit:

COVID testing child

COVID testing adult

COVID testing procedures (non Tosa Pediatric students)

COVID testing WSD staff and families


Antibody testing at Tosa Pediatrics

Coronavirus Guidance

Return to Play Sports

Updated guidance for those who are completely vaccinated (CDC 3.8.21)

COVID vaccination and pregnancy and breastfeeding (JAMA podcast 2.10.21)

Quarantine guidance for those who are vaccinated (CDC, 2.11.2020)

Updated Guidance on Quarantine for individuals exposed to COVID-19 (CDC, 12/4/2020).

Calendar example:

Figure 1. Quarantine guidance for close contacts of COVID-19 cases


Wisconsin Department of Public Health Guidelines:

- Should I be tested? Please get tested if you have symptoms, were in close contact with someone who is positive (see close contact below), or were instruced by public health to be tested

- What should I do after I have been tested? Please assume that you are positive until your test comes back negative. Currently, we are seeing results in 1-3 days. Our goal, is to get fast results for those who need clearance to return to school.

- What should I do if I am a close contact of someone with COVID? 

- Have you or someone you know been diagnosed with COVID? 

Where can I get tested? The locations, hours of operation, qualifications, and results are ever changing.

- Can my child go to school? (Wauwatosa School District)

COVID vaccine information

- FAQs

- WI Department of Health Services COVID vaccine information

- Moderna and Pfizer Emergency Use Authorization Fact Sheet

- CDC information for pregnancy, breastfeeding, and those caring for infants

Return To School Decision- should children return to school (July 30, 2020)

CDC return to school, CDC decision making tool

AAP guidelines for schools re-opening (June 25, 2020)

WI Department of Education guidelines for schools re-opening (June 28, 2020)

AAP Return to Sports

City of Wauwatosa Updates

Wisconsin Department of Health Services

World Health Organization COVID