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Tosa Pediatrics is now offering TeleMed services!

We are now offering TeleMed appointments with a provider. Advice and care will be offered to current Tosa Peds patients for minor concerns including pink eye, rashes, nausea, croup, fever, sinus infections, and more. Please note, we are unable to treat ear infections, strep, breathing concerns, urinary tract infections and influenza in video visits.

Please call the office to schedule your appointment. 

updated 4.10.2020
*** We are now able to submit TeleMed visits to your insurance company. For cash pay patients, the cost for a TeleMed appointment is $50. For those paying towards a deductible, expect a $25-50 charge. HSA funds can be used.
*** Unfortunately, WPS TeleMed costs go to your deductible, unless the visit is COVID-19 related
*** United, Blue Cross, Humana, and Cigna and many others are waiving deductibles for all TeleMed services
*** please review your plan for the most up to date information

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Dr. Richer

Dr. Stabelfeldt

Dr. Marsho

Dr. Krimmer

Dr. Kastner

Hannah Braun, PA

Kimberly Block, NP