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The “State of Tosa Pediatrics” Address


The AAP currently recommends that we “still see patients in person for well visits” and places special emphasis on younger children who need vaccines. As we prepare for warmer weather and sports physical season, we will continue our safety measures and add extended hours to safely meet the needs of our families.

As you may know, Tosa Pediatrics rapidly instituted these measures to ensure that all visits continue at minimal risk to our families:

  1. Reserving the first 5 hours of the day for well visits only.
  2. Establishing our “Parking Lot Waiting Room” with escort directly to a clean room.
  3. Screening ALL people for illness prior to entering the building.
  4. Limiting the number of nonessential people entering the building.
  5. Requesting the use of masks and supplying them for both adults and children.
  6. Drastically reducing the amount of minor illness entering the building through the use of HIPAA compliant TeleHealth technology.

According to the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP), many practices across the country have followed with similar approaches. While we can’t speak for them, we can say that these measures are working incredibly well at Tosa Pediatrics!

At the same time, we have been able to meet the requests of the WI Department of Health Services (DHS) by offering both drive-by and in-person based COVID-19 testing for our patients AND their caregivers with results in 24 hours. We have had no testing shortages and with the help of you, our generous Tosa Peds family (and our moms!), we have no PPE shortages. In 2 weeks we will have antibody testing – it’s certainly far from perfect but it’s a start – more to come!


Beginning immediately, we ask that families schedule well visits for all ages as soon as possible to catch up on those recently postponed and to get ahead on summer sports physicals.

Of course, while we are open to seeing all ages, we understand and respect family wishes to postpone appointments until what time they feel comfortable. Also please note, certain providers have changed their hours to meet their own family’s needs at home. If your primary provider is unavailable, another will be happy to step in to help!

Finally, a warm and heartfelt thank you to our loyal Tosa Peds staff and to you, our community, for doing your part in making sure our kids stay healthy in mind, body, & spirit!