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We have been receiving a lot of great questions regarding return-to-school and we appreciate that you value our input! At Tosa Pediatrics, we agree with many, including the CDC and AAP, that children should return to school in person as safely as achievable. In addition to the fact that SARS-COV-2 presents a uniquely lower risk in children, schools are implementing many measures to reduce that lower risk even further.  However, we also understand that attending school in person may not be the right choice for everyone.  As more data emerges, hopefully too will clarity. Every return-to-school scenario presents challenges, and each of us will be sacrificing something. Every decision entails consideration of unique variables specific to each family, including each of our own. As such, be confident that whatever choice you make for your family will be the right choice. However, if your struggle requires our input, we are here to help and welcome you to take advantage of Tosa Pediatrics TeleHealth services.