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An autumn update for our families… 🍂

Autumn is always that annual reminder that things constantly change, though not always as beautifully as a mature maple! Our goal is always to keep our families as up-to-date as possible with need-to-know information. Like the leaves, this COVID reality is constantly changing, often in ways that might not be obvious unless one lives behind the scenes. To that end, before we enter what will likely be a much different winter illness season compared to last year, we thought we would update you on where Tosa Pediatrics is positioned…

Influenza -
Change: We will see much more influenza illness than last year because we are moving around more and mask use is diminished.
Solution: We have greatly increased hours to provide vaccines and will be adding additional
evening and weekend opportunities to receive them.

COVID testing –
Change: There are ongoing and in some cases new shortages of testing supplies.
Solution: We are positioned well for PCR testing but also have rapid antigen backup.

COVID vaccine –
Change: The indication for 5 - 11year-old is expected in the next 3 weeks.
Solution: We will support the guidance of the CDC, FDA, and ACIP, which specifically has
pediatric experts on the committee. We will be partnering with the Tosa Health Dept to
deliver these vaccines.

Mental health –
Change: While mental health concerns have been on the rise for years, nothing prepared us for the impact of COVID. Diagnoses of depression and anxiety are at an all-time high.
Solution: We are forming new and strengthening old relationships with smaller local mental health providers in an effort to improve collaboration and outcomes. A list of providers is available from us on request.

How does Tosa Pediatrics accomplish all of these tasks simultaneously? Through creativity and dedication…

🔷 For over a year, we have had a fleet of pool nurses in addition to our full-time staff covering extra shifts, arriving early, and returning home late. These challenges are magnified by a critical national shortage of nurses, but thankfully our staff, old and new, appreciate the challenge and the positive impact they directly have on the Tosa Peds community.

🔷 At times, sudden community changes force us to prioritize COVID testing over other appointments, forcing appointment rescheduling and return of phone calls less timely than we typically expect of ourselves. While we hope to minimize the impact on our families, we know that there will be situations requiring extra flexibility. Thank you in advance for your understanding!

🔷 Our providers are scheduling appointments before and after office hours to meet the increased mental health needs.

🔷 We are adding evening and additional hours to meet the vaccination and testing demands as staffing allows.

As always, it's an honor to serve this community and feel free to contact us with questions. ❤️💛💙