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Vaccine Schedule
All of the pediatricians at Tosa Pediatrics recommend vaccinating children according to the schedule published by the US Center for Disease Control & Prevention (CDC).

To view the immunization schedule for children ages Birth - 18 years, click here.

Or, you can create a personalized schedule for your child by clicking here.

Vaccine Safety and Resources
HealthyChildren - American Academy of Pediatrics
Vaccines & Immunizations - Centers for Disease Control & Prevention
Vaccine Safety - Centers for Disease Control & Prevention
Vaccine Education Center - The Children's Hospital of Philadelphia
Institute for Vaccine Safety - Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School for Public Health

Considering an "alternative vaccine schedule" such as that by
Dr. Bob Sears?

You may want to read this article published in "Pediatrics - Official Journal of the American Academy of Pediatrics" first, entitled
"The Problem with Dr. Bob's Alternative Vaccine Schedule". You can also request a copy at our office or have one sent to your home.

Check-up Schedule
We recommend check-ups for children according to this schedule:
Shortly after birth (within 2 or 3 days of discharge from the hospital)
2 weeks of age
4 weeks
2 months
4 months
6 months
9 months
12 months
15 months
18 months
2 years
3 years and annually thereafter